Kilim Rugs in Interior Design

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Kilim Rugs in Interior Design

Looking to infuse a touch of distinctive style into your home decor? You needn’t look any further than kilim rugs. These intricately woven textiles have been a mainstay in home interiors for thousands of years, and it is easy to see why. In this article, we will take a closer look at the appeal and adaptability of kilim rugs and how you use them in your own interior design.

What are Kilim Rugs?

Kilim rugs are a type of flat-woven carpet that is created in countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. They are characterized by bright colors, geometrical patterns, and symbolic representations. Being thin, they lack piles, which makes them seemingly weightless and portable compared to heavy furniture piles. Kilim adds color and detail to a room in any part of your house.

Why Choose Kilim Rugs for Your Interior Design?

That’s why kilim rus are a favorite among interior designers. The unique design and bright colors breathe life into any room and reflect the owner’s character and individuality. There’s definitely a kilim to match your style, be it traditional or more avant-garde. Besides, they are quite user-friendly, as they are easy to clean and have high durability, and then they are perfect for areas such as the dining room or the hallway.

Kilim rugs

How to Incorporate Kilim Rugs Into Your Home Decor

Now that you know the benefits of kilim rugs, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your own home design. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Living Room: Place a large kilim rug underneath your coffee table to anchor the seating area and add a pop of color.

  2. Bedroom: Add a small kilim rug at the foot of your bed for a cozy touch that also protects your floors.

  3. Dining Room: Use a long, narrow kilim runner to add visual interest to your dining table and protect the floor from spills.

Where to Buy Kilim Rugs

Now that you’re prepared to incorporate a kilim rug into your home decor, there’s lots to pick from. Pinning down a dealer who sells the kilim rug can take place at both an antique rug seller and an online market. Kilim rugs aren’t them all similar so spend as much time as necessary to find one that suits you.


There is a sarape for every interior design that looks great. What puts you on hold? There is a beautiful kilim rug waiting to be taken home by you. It enables you to incorporate a piece of global inspiration into your interior design.