Moroccan beni rugs for sale

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Moroccan beni rugs for sale

The Beni Ourain rug is a unique and highly sought-after interior design staple. The neutral palette and diamond shapes of these rugs are ideal for spaces that feature the minimalist style, and the natural wool pile creates a sense of warmth and comfort within any space.

Large beni ourain rug

These rugs are hand-woven by Beni Ourain tribes, famous for producing oversized and densely woven Moroccan rugs. They are perfect for any room of the house, and go perfectly with a wide range of styles from Traditional to Modern and Bohemian.

  • Colors

These rugs have many colors and patterns available that can complement your home with some Moroccan flavor. They are 100% wool and hand-made rugs, and the women of the Beni Ourain tribe weave them. However, the men of the tribe help them with this process. Nonetheless, they do not shave the baby lambs; they like to let the lambs grow for a longer year, which makes the wool the size of two heads. If you are someone who likes a tradition with some durability in your rugs, it may be the best option. They are resilient and can be used to provide insulation in the room. The various colors include some neutral shades such as black, brown, and ivory. The patterns include lines, diamonds, and squares and are not random placement; they have specific meanings.

  • Styles

One of the most popular Moroccan rug styles available is Beni Ourain rugs. These hand-woven rugs made of high-quality wool are crafted by the women of the Moroccan Beni Ourain tribe located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. The muted, natural colors of the rug are inspired by the natural world and the weaver’s everyday life. For instance, if she’s happy when she’s weaving the rug, then she’s going to use colors that show she is happy. It is also a good idea for us because we have minimalist interiors and everything is neutral anyway. It is difficult to deny the fact that the warmth and comfort provided by the thick wool rug make it an excellent option for a home on many levels. The rugs are said to be among the most prestigious rugs in the world and have been used by some well-known designers of the twentieth century. For example, Le Corbusier used Beni Ourain rugs in his Villa La Roche in Paris, while the famous Alvar Aalto also used them in his Finnish rural retreat, Villa Mairea.

  • Materials

Beni Ourain rugs are woven using a natural, dark wool from sheep. It is considered high quality wool that is produced by the sheep that live in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Beni Ourain is a timeless piece of Moroccan culture. They have been created for generations and thusly have a very sentimental value to the people of Morocco. They are known for being used as blankets and bedspreads, but their most distinctive feature is that they all sport intricate designs. These designs are woven in with knots and then hit with a comb to lock them into tighter knots, creating a tightly-knitted structure with dense pile. Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are made entirely by women in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They use dark wool from the sheep that graze in the region, and they use all natural dyes that come from plant and berry based materials including henna, madder root, pomegranate, fig, and tea leaves.

Moroccan beni ourain rugs
  • Origins

“The dominant feature of the majority of Beni Ourain rugs is the soft, calming hues with darker lines or markings creating an overall geometric pattern. The designs are not just patterns, however, but instead are symbolic and refer to local events or religion, nature and femininity and rural life”. Beni Ourain rugs are highly prized pieces among collectors but the supply of them is high enough. Although they are age-old, they sufficiently fit the interior of the present day, with respect to both abstract and ascetic designs and high-quality wool.