Moroccan brown rug long pouf berber handmade

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This gorgeous Moroccan brown rug is both stylish and functional, crafted by skilled artisans with a carefully hand-knitted design. It measures 20 inches in length, making it the ideal size for any living space. The perfect combination of stunning visuals and practicality, it's an exquisite accent piece for any home.

This Moroccan rug pouf is made of Very Old Moroccan rugs. 

Smooth zipper on the bottom.

ref: ZHL74-M


L  : 120 cm = 47’’ INCHES

W : 60 cm  = 24’’ INCHES

HEIGHT : 20 cm  = 7,8”  INCHES

we ship this Moroccan pouf unstuffed , Please watch the video on link bellow, it shows smart tips of how you can stuff Moroccan pillow in less than 2 minutes at zero dollar , please watch the video

             How to stuff a moroccan ottoman pouf

The Moroccan brown rug long pouf berber handmade is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 04, 2023

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