Moroccan rug 7.5 X 10.3 Feet

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This Moroccan rug, measuring 7.5 X 10.3 feet, is handmade with expert care and attention, giving it a unique and exquisite style. Its attention to detail and quality construction make this rug a standout piece that will be sure to elevate the atmosphere of any room.

231 CM X 314 CM = 7.5 FT X 10.3 FT


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This meticulously handcrafted Moroccan rug is a masterpiece that combines elegance and authenticity. Skilled Moroccan artisans have woven it with great care and dedication, creating an intricate pattern showcasing their craftsmanship. The colors and patterns represent Moroccan culture and history, and the rug adds depth and character to any living space. At over 9 feet long, the rug becomes a statement piece that commands attention. Its softness and premium materials ensure comfort and durability. By introducing this rug into your home, you invite a piece of Moroccan artistry that symbolizes the skilled labor, culture, and stories within its fibers. The rug encapsulates Moroccan culture, artistic finesse and the beauty that can be achieved through imagination and craft. It will enrich your life with its timeless allure and manifestation of Moroccan artistry.

The Moroccan rug 7.5 X 10.3 Feet is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 22, 2023