A Berber Rug is a Beautiful Piece of Moroccan Decor

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A Berber Rug is a Beautiful Piece of Moroccan Decor

A Berber rug is a beautiful piece of Moroccan decor that is made of pure sheep wool. These rugs have a unique design, which reflects the culture and history of the country. They can be found in red hate, blue, white, or brown, and are made to protect the human spirit from harsh elements. These rugs are also decorated with symbolic colors. The traditional color combination is red, blue, and green, which represent strength, wisdom, and eternity. The rectangular pattern, which contains both light and dark, represents fertility. The diamond pattern encircles the rug's edge and protects against the evil eye. The frog is an emblematic frog that represents fertility, as well as magic.

A Berber Moroccan rug has an ancient and sacred meaning. Its makers are religious and practice rituals before creating each rug. Wool is considered as a gift from heaven and must be treated with great care. It is an important daily object, and the sale of one can provide for the family. Even today, a Berber rug figures in the keychain of a newly married couple. Its beauty and uniqueness make it an ideal gift for any home.

The Berber rug's design reflects the culture and climate of each tribe. These rugs were once only made for utilitarian purposes, but with the modern world's growing popularity, these rugs are being used in homes and offices all over. These beautiful rugs have a rich history and are a beautiful addition to any home. You'll love its unique color and unique style! You'll love having it in your home!

A Berber rug is a beautiful piece of Moroccan art. Its intricate and colorful patterns represent the individual flavors of different Berber tribes. They are made of 100% wool and are often considered the best rugs in Morocco. These rugs are handmade and feature geometric motifs and intricate designs. They are eco-friendly and fair trade. They are also a stunning addition to any home. In addition to this, the beauty and history of the rug's design will make it a conversation piece for years to come.

The style of a Berber rug is influenced by its place of origin. The tribes of the Atlas Mountains are located in central Morocco. They use a traditional weaving technique called cinti and make rugs from sheared wool. Traditionally, the nomadic women of this region were woven by hand. Each tribe has its own unique design and motifs, and each tribe has a unique design.

The colors of a Berber rug can be found in both traditional and modern versions. The traditional color palettes of these rugs are red and blue. They usually start with white or brown wool. While a few variations of blue and green are used, there is only one true red, which is also the most commonly used in contemporary rugs. This pattern is a reflection of the ancient heritage of the tribe. The colors in vintage Berber rugs can be an enduring and beautiful design.

The Azilal kilim rug is the most famous in Morocco. Its fine geometric designs and indigo blue color are distinctive characteristics. Among kilim rugs, the Azilal rugs are made in small villages in the region of the middle Atlas mountains and are known for their traditional Berber design and colors.

moroccan kilim rug

These rugs can vary greatly in cost. The high-quality rugs can cost as much as $4,000, while the low-end ones can cost as little as $300. However, it is recommended that you buy a genuine AZILAL kilim rug. The design and the color of a Kilim is also very unique. The azilal kilims are handmade in Morocco and are very soft and comfortable.

Traditional rugs are made of wool and feature geometric patterns. The colors of a Kilim rugs are white or cream, and begin with white wool. Then, the patterns on the rugs are made of natural pigments. The patterning on the rugs may be a symbol of the Berber women. The Azilal kilim is handmade from white, but there are other designs as well.