About Us

Hello! I am Noreddine and I love rugs – It is in my genes! I am Moroccan born but have been sharing time between Brooklyn, New York ( live in New York ) and Morocco since 2000. All my life I have been around Moroccan rugs and learning from my 78 year old father who is one of the best rug and kilim collectors and a certified expert. We have travelled together all over Morocco – to the mountains, Sahara and sea, to berber villages and small homes and also to many rug auctions.

beni ourain rug

I learned about carpets from my father at a very early age. He was (and still is) a Berber carpet dealer and has had a successful rug business in Marrakesh for many years. Travelling with him as a child and observing him deal with people and carpets, I learned how to buy and sell rugs, how to clean and mend them. Also, I learned a lot about different Berber tribes and their styles and techniques of carpet weaving, but primarily, my father taught me how to deal with the artists, how to treat them respectfully and honestly in order to win their hearts and trust, and establish good trade relationships. Later in my life I started my own business and travelled abroad as a rug dealer myself. I carried with me all the knowledge that my father had given me. I sold rugs at craft shows and flee markets worldwide, including the US. At present, I continue the business selling high quality Moroccan rugs via the internet as well.

My first priority goal is to bring 100% satisfaction to my customers by providing them with high quality authentic Moroccan rugs. I must make sure that my products satisfy all quality criteria, such as absence of defects, smells and stains; safe and prompt shipping etc. One of my most important and basic values and principles includes establishment of honest and trustworthy relationship between me and my customers on one hand, and with the artists/craftsmen on the other.

Unfortunately, traditional arts and crafts are slowly disappearing worldwide including Morocco due to globalization and other economic and political issues.
With this in mind, I would like to invest as much as possible of my resources into extending my warehouses and purchasing rare and antique Berber rugs, as I see them becoming a real treasure in the future and my retirement plan at the same time. I would also like to pass my knowledge and experience on to my son.

Your rug angle, N E