Moroccan Hassira

Moroccan Hassira from the Tuareg tribes of Mauritania, decorated with stitched straw and camel embroidered leather .

A luxurious home decor that exudes a laid back elegance, Moroccan hassira rugs are the perfect choice for your home or office. Made of durable and high quality fibers, these rugs are made to endure wear and tear for many years. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, these rugs can fit perfectly with any decor, from modern to traditional Moroccan design. The easiest way to purchase a well made Moroccan hassira rug is to browse online, where you will find dozens of options, including online stores that offer to make custom made Moroccan rugs right on site, or if you prefer to work with a local craftsman, they can also arrange for a sample to be made so that you can see how the final product will look when it is made.