Runner moroccan rugs

Moroccan runner rugs also known as hallway rugs are hand-woven rugs that contain all the charm and presence of Moroccan traditional style, elegance, and a way of living. 

Large, fine-looking, and quite possibly the most elegant of rugs on the market today, the runner Moroccan rugs can literally be found anywhere you look. For example, they are often displayed prominently in homes as floor coverings for the living room or as interior wall coverings in guest bedrooms. The best part about runner Moroccan rugs is that they come in so many different designs, colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from.

Hallway, Amazing, and quite possibly the most elegant of all rugs available on the market today, runner Moroccan rugs come in an amazing assortment of colors and patterns, depending on the origin of the rug and the style of the home in which it is displayed. This rug has medium to long-lasting durability, as well as excellent colorfastness, thanks to the wool it is made from. The Berber, which originates from Morocco, is another example of a fine rugs featuring long-lasting fibers.

The Berber runner rug is an example of a runner moroccan rug featuring both traditional and modern design. It was originally created in response to the modernization of the country during the early twentieth century, when many of the rural population migrated to the cities to seek employment opportunities. The Berber runner rug features asymmetrical, diagonal, flat designs, with varying bold and neutral hues, perfect for the contemporary home.