Kilim Pillows

Want to add an instant rustic touch to your interior design? Then look no further than Moroccan pillows. Also known as kilim rug pillows, this type of pillow is made from authentic Moroccan kilim, which is why they have a very distinctive smell. Very soft and resistant to the normal, everyday wear and tear, its interesting patterns totally accentuate any room. Furthermore, this amazing soft berber pillow will undoubtedly warm a room with rich colors, unique characters and warmth.

Nowadays, there are many different companies that manufacture unique, handcrafted moroccan pillows. However, you must be wary when shopping online because not all online stores are selling real leather products. Therefore, before purchasing any moroccan pillow, ensure that the website seller is selling original leather or handcrafted pieces made by well-known artisans in Morocco.

This type of pillow is also available in different sizes and types, so you should be able to find something that would perfectly fit your room. Usually, people use these moroccan cushions for bed or couch cushions, but you can also use it for chairs or even on the table. In fact, since these cushions are naturally water-resistant, it would be ideal to place them in areas that would normally be exposed to moisture, such as your kitchen. If you love the cactus silk pillow and love life itself, then get one now!

NB : We ship these Moroccan Poufs unstuffed , Please watch the video on link bellow, it shows smart tips of how you can stuff Moroccan pouf in less than 2 minutes at zero dollar , please watch the video