Amazing Moroccan azilal rug

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Amazing Moroccan azilal rug

The existence of the amazing Moroccan Azilal rugs from the highest of the Atlas Mountains has been known to the world only for about 25 years. However, the attention to the details of Azilal rugs can stun anyone with ease. It is because the beauty and details that you can find in Azilal rugs from the Atlas Mountains are unparalleled. 

What are Azilal rugs actually?


However, the name of Azilal rug came from the mountain region where these rugs are being made. The women of this tribe used to give life to their ancestral rugs designing traditions by weaving these unique Azilal rugs. However, the reputation of Azilal rugs go beyond this steep region in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco. 

Over time, the Azilal rugs have become one of the most amazing and beautiful alternatives to the most famous Beni Ourain Rugs. 

However, these beautiful handmade rugs have been associated with aboriginal patterns and indigenous color pellets’ use. While the weaving techniques of Azilal rugs have also been passed on from generation to generation and family to family as well. Therefore, you can still find the accordance of the robust cultural tradition of Azilal in these beautiful and unique Azilal rugs from Atlas Mountains. 

The making of Azilal rugs from the Atlas Mountains

These rugs come up with an amazing combination of vibrant color patterns that you can find in Boucherouite rug with the graphic patterns that look similar to Beni Ourain Rugs somewhat. 

  • However, the weaving techniques of Azilal rugs from the Atlas Mountains are completely different as compared to the above-mentioned Moroccan rugs. 
  • The Azilal rugs from the highest of Atlas Mountains are made of highly comfortable and soft fibers that can give you a beautiful short velvet like rug that can invite you to lay down on it for even four hours to have a warm and comfortable feel. 
  • Azilal rugs are usually embellished with multiple colors introduced with colored cotton threads or tinted wool. However, the bottom of the Azilal rugs is often cream or white in reference to the natural wool color. 

Where to use Azilal rugs from Atlas Mountains?

You can add a storytelling feature in your home interior with uniquely styled Azilal rugs. These are the most sought-after creations that can give any of your home place a warm and welcoming feel with ease. 

- Benefits of Azilal rugs 

Here are some amazing reasons to buy Azilal rugs:

  • Colorful art 

These rugs are more often seen as colorful and eclectic works of art. You can use these on the floor or can hang these on the wall to display their creative, beautiful and unique designs with ease. 

  • Best for bohemian style interior 

These rugs come up with unique geometric patterns, and bright colors that can be perfect to add more especially in your bohemian style interior with ease. 

  • Comfortable experience 

These rugs are made of wool and natural dyes are being used in their color pallets. Therefore, these are meant to stay cozy, comfortable and warm under your feet. 

Overall, the natural hue is giving authenticity to this jewel of the Atlas Mountains’ textile and craftsmanship.