Azilal rug made by Berber women

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Azilal rug made by Berber women

Azilal rugs belong to the Moroccan culture and art. It is a very good rug which usually made by Berber women present in central Morocco. It is near the High Atlas Mountain. You can find the place 180km from  Marrakech.

vintage berber moroccan rug

The Azilal rug is made from the best quality wool. The wool is also mixed with soft quality cotton. Both of these make the Azilal rug lighter yet warmer. The Azilal rug made by the Berber women is now being discovered more. People are using them to decorate their houses and workplaces as well.


Today, we will discuss all about the Azilal rug which is made by Berber women. We will also discuss why do people use it.

Features of Azlil Rug made by women:

The Azilal berber rugs are famously known for their vibrant culture and creativity. The rug is preferred by a lot of people having a Moroccan background. These people want to bring a piece of their culture back home.


Other than this, people love how beautiful and fulfilling the Azilal rug makes the whole area look classy and cultural. 


Some of the most highlighting features and benefits for why people actually use the Azilal rugs made by Berber women are specified below.


  • Traditional motifs and color palettes

The Azilal rugs which are made by the Berber women are popularly known to be rich in traditional Moroccan culture and art. Berber women tend to use or sew motifs into the Azilal rugs to highlight the spiritual art and unique tradition of Morocco.


The color combination used in the manufacturing of Azilal rugs is beautiful. The Berber women are most likely to make the Azilal rugs full of color with a variety of dynamic color combinations. It helps to make the floor of your homes or offices more vibrant and colorful.


  • Soft and silky texture

During the production of Azilal rugs, the Berber women use virgin wool which is obtained by the Moroccan sheep. It helps in making the whole look of the Azilal rug soft and adds a silky texture to it.


The soft and silky texture of Azilal moroccan rugs makes it very comfortable and easy to walk around and sit over the Azilal rugs.


The Azilal rugs are made up of fine weaving patterns and techniques. It makes these rugs more valuable for the people attracted to the Moroccan culture, art, and unique creativity.


Moroccan azilal rug
  • Perfect for household and domestic use 
  • The Azilal rugs are specially woven or made by the women of the Berber tribe. The work of the Berber women is shown exclusively in the Azilal rugs. This feature makes the Azilal rugs more suitable for domestic use.


    They are also ideal for decorating your home, rooms, living rooms, or at the entrance of your house. The Azilal rugs are rich in colors which makes any area of home look vibrant and dynamic.

    Final Recommendation:

    The above-specified points are the benefits and features of Azilal rugs for why do people use them. If you are struggling to get Azilal rug with premium quality, you can buy it from our platform. We have experts working on it and we promise high quality products.