Discover Beni Ourain tradition rug of Morocco

Discover Beni Ourain tradition rug of Morocco

These rugs are among the most comfortable you'll ever come across. They are manufactured entirely of sheep wool and are fully undyed. These heirloom rugs are designed for those who really appreciate nature. They are the epitome of comfort and opulence.

What makes the Beni ourain tradition rug of Morocco special?

You must know some of the basic characteristics of the Beni ourain rug of Morocco. We will discuss some of the most common features that you can enjoy.


  • Realistic patterns 

Geometric patterns are a signature style of Beni Ourain rugs. It's a timeless design that works in any room. On a white or cream backdrop, you might expect to see dark brown lines and shapes. Symbols will also be present. They say real-life stories about each weaver.


  • Rugs from Beni Ourain have a long and illustrious history.

Let's take a closer look at the past of Beni Ourain rugs. Berber tribes produced traditional Berber rugs. They settled in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


The origins of the story can be traced back to Berber tribes in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco's Taza region. These tribes' sheep are known for producing the world's softest fur.


These rugs were originally intended to be used as beds and blankets during the winter months. Each rug is handwoven and reflects the lives and stories of the Beni Ourain tribal women.


  • The wool of the highest standard:

These special rugs are made of the finest sheep's wool, which has an unmistakably good feel for your feet or your children to play on. These rugs are thick and long-lasting, making them ideal for your family.


Furthermore, these genuine Beni Ourain rugs provide a great deal of warmth, making them ideal for heating your room in the winter. It can fully change the feel of your room and provide a cozy atmosphere thanks to its thickness and warmth provided by wool.


  • Completely genuine and normal:

If you want rugs from remote locations, Then Beni Ourain rugs will appeal to you. The ability of these magnificent rugs is fascinating. They connect the nomadic Berber tribes' long history with contemporary interiors. Bring a piece of Morocco's history into your own home.


  • Morocco's spirit, in a nutshell:

All of their creators' lives are intertwined with the process. Typically, these rugs are woven by women. They incorporate personal elements into the designs in an innovative way. 


There are also allusions to natural occurrences. Aspects of everyday life can be visible on occasion. We've seen birth, fertility, nature, and femininity-related designs. We've heard personal accounts of rural life and values.

Beni ourain rug


These lovely rugs are ideal for keeping your feet warm at night or plush during the day. Some of the most notable characteristics of the Moroccan rugs are mentioned above. 


Through reading the above text, you will gain a thorough understanding of the materials used in these rugs as well as how they are produced. Purchasing these high-quality and comfortable Moroccan rugs comes with a number of advantages.