Hand Knotted Berber Rug - Hand Knotted Berber Carpet

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Hand Knotted Berber Rug - Hand Knotted Berber Carpet

Hand knotted Berber rugs from Morocco. A beautiful vintage Berber rugs from the early 1960s 1970s. This beautiful, bold abstract style Berber carpet was created in the midlate 1950s. It has great soft and shiny wool. Many women from the Atlas mountain regions hand knotted this rug.

The beauty of the Moroccan hand knotted berber rug is found in its bold black and white color. It comes in a lovely round and square shape. It is a classic accessory that looks great in any room in your home. If you are looking for a very unusual and unique way to bring color and variety into your room, then the use of this type of carpet would be ideal for your room or rooms.

One room in your home where you could really make the most of your Berber carpet would be in your kitchen. Moroccan cuisine is world famous and many people are inspired by the dishes and style of the people of this region. You can take advantage of the Moroccan hand knotted berber rug to add color and interest to your kitchen. You can place it on your counter top, on your table top, in the sink area or even place it beside the stove to add warmth.

The beauty of the Berber carpets from Morocco and the hand knotted berber rugs from the United States is that these carpets are extremely durable and very easy to maintain. They do not shrink or fray with time and the colors last for years. Because of their popularity many companies have taken advantage of the popularity of these types of carpets. These companies will offer replacement patches and repairs at affordable prices.

With the internet being widely available it has been easier for consumers all over the world to find products such as these rugs. If you are looking for a Moroccan rug at an affordable price than there are many retailers online offering to sell these beautiful products at a very low price. When shopping online make sure that the company that you are dealing with is authentic. There are many companies that produce replicas of these rugs which are made from cheap materials that are not authentic moroccan rugs. Authentic berber carpets are made by the best labor in the world and are made by the best designers in the world.

These amazing pieces of art come in two different types of materials, wool and manmade synthetic fibers. Wool is the natural fiber that is woven into these amazing rugs. They can be crafted into any size by using different colors of yarn which gives the carpet a stunning appearance. The manmade fibers can be used in wall coverings or floors to create amazing patterns and textures.