How to Decorate With a Moroccan Rug

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How to Decorate With a Moroccan Rug

A traditional Moroccan rug can be described as the finest in quality and design. It is woven on looms by women in the traditional weaving villages . It may take one or two months to finish one area of the rug depending on how big it is. The Moroccan rug is usually hand knotted and made with a special knot called "tamgharet" .

blue moroccan rug
Historically, moroccan rugs were woven by tribe members for the utility and not for fashion. Wool was the primary material used, but sometimes animal skins, turtle shells, and even animal hair was also used. Women of tribes traditionally knit the wool from sheep and then formed mounds with leaves and branches to make a house. From these mounds, they constructed floors, walls, doors, furniture, pottery, adornments, and sculptures.

There are some characteristics to Moroccan rugs that make them particularly interesting. For one thing, they must have a large area of flat top. Usually the top of the rug is not textured like that of a natural area rug. If it is, it will be called a berber. Berber is the most common type.

Moroccan rugs may also have an unusual number of pile depth. For example, some of the rugs sold in the United States are made from a single pile that is dyed blue or green, while some are made from two piles that are dyed black. Of course, the rugs made from single piles are much more expensive than those that are made from two piles, but the second type adds a certain unique beauty to the piece.

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In addition, Moroccan berber rugs differ from other types of carpets because they are hand woven and not machine made. Therefore, the fibers are twisted and interwoven so that each pile is unique. The end result is that each carpet is unique, allowing for spectacular variations in color, texture and patterns. In fact, there are more varieties of moroccan rug styles than there are of carpets! You can find the right type of moroccan rug for any room of your home, including your bedroom, living room, family room, den, or even your garden.

A moroccan rug is woven from 100% wool. They are not made from synthetic materials or silk, which are difficult to clean, because these fabrics attract dirt, stain and moisture. Moroccan rugs are woven delicately, with each fiber being thin enough to be woven around a core that has tiny holes or knots. This process is called hessian weaving, which is why these rugs never need to be machine washed.