Moroccan Azilal Rug - Unique Craftsmen's Unique Rug

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Moroccan Azilal Rug - Unique Craftsmen's Unique Rug

A Moroccan azilal rug is one of the most popular floor coverings used in Morocco. The name moroccan comes from the Berber language which is the traditional language spoken in this region. It is thought that the term was first used in the 10th century when traders travelling to the area brought with them the practice of weaving wool into fabric. Soon the practice spread and became more widespread and was then used as a way of indicating territory in berber regions.

Moroccan Azilal rugs are a distinctive form of Berber rugs from the ancient provincial capital of the High Atlas Mountains, about 180km away from Marrakech. They're made of pure sheep wool finely woven with horizontally knotted, unevenly woven strands of cotton and sometimes with a gridded pattern. In modern moroccan rugs the yarn is usually dyed in pale shades of blue or green. The wool is often machine weaved, though hand woven rugs are also available. They're a cool choice for those who want to add an exotic feel to their home decor but also want some protection against the cold in the winter months.

azilal rug
One of the most sought after types of moroccan rugs are the moroccan rugs with a focus on color. These carpets are very popular, especially amongst collectors. They represent a long and varied history and tradition. The unique colors that are woven into these rugs make them very striking and interesting.

Nowadays, these rugs can be found being made exclusively for the home. These rugs come in a variety of sizes and are often made with a loom, although other types can also be made. These rugs can be used in Moroccan interior design, but they're also commonly found in modern decorating styles. The designs and patterns that are commonly found today tend to have a tribal style. Although the moroccan tribal weaving tradition is disappearing, it will continue to be re-enacted and re-designed.

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Other characteristics of the moroccan azilal rugs include the knots that are used in their construction. These rugs can be found being woven either using typical Moroccan looms, which include wefts created from sheep hide or yarns derived from camel hair, or by using modern machines. The handmade rugs that are made traditionally can also be found in a wide array of colors, usually with variations in knots and sizes.

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These moroccan rugs have also been found to have a unique history and heritage. Unlike other types of traditional moroccan rugs, those that are made exclusively for the home typically include motifs and designs that are unique to the country of Morocco. These may include, but are not limited to animals, plants, trees, and even geometric figures. Other designs, on the other hand, may be more generic, representing things like flags or signs. One example of an example of this is the Beni Ourain Rug . Although Beni Ourain is a common name in Morocco, this particular rug is actually named after the Berber tribes of Morocco whose descendants settled in the area.