Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug - Berber sheep Wool

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Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug - Berber sheep Wool

A Beni Ourain rug is handmade from the wool of a Berber sheep. This thick, fluffy wool comes from a very rare breed of sheep, and it is the most expensive of the three. Each step of the process is done by hand, which makes them extremely labor-intensive. The result is a beautifully designed, handmade rug that is perfect for a family's living room or bedroom.

Beni Ourain rugs are extremely delicate, with delicate lines of color and designs of clouds and geometric shapes. They are made by hand in Morocco and are highly sought after by interior designers. Many women pass on the skill of weaving to their daughters. A hand-woven Beni Ourain rug will perfectly fit any room. The motifs and colors will add a touch of beauty to any room. These rugs are a wonderful addition to any home.

A Beni Ourain rug is the perfect addition to your home decor. Unlike other rugs, this one is handmade by a woman who lives in a nomadic region of Morocco. This type of rug was originally used by herders and resembles a double bed when folded. It has thick, luxurious wool and a soft texture, evoking the warmth and comfort of a sheep pelt.

The Beni Ourain rug has been known for its warmth and durability. Its size is typically no greater than six to seven feet. This is because the rug is intended to be folded over two people, and the width was determined by the length of each person. The size of the Beni Ourain was traditionally based on the length of a human being. This gave an idea of how much wool is needed to cover two people.

Large beni ourain rug

The process of making a Beni Ourain rug begins with the procurement of wool from the mountains of Morocco. Once the wool has been procured, the shearing process begins. The warp, or vertical yarn, is spun and pulled tight over a loom frame to create a thick, dense carpet. The weft is then woven through the base of the rug, and the pile knot is what gives this type of rug its uniqueness.

The Beni Ourain rug is a classic example of a Berber rug. It is made of the wool of a Berber sheep and is thick and soft. Because of its high thickness, the Beni Ourain has been used for bed coverings in the Middle Atlas mountains for generations. The modern version is usually lighter in color with dark brown and black details. They have the same crisscrossing pattern as the traditional one, and are both incredibly beautiful.

The Beni Ourain rug's thick pile weave resembles white bearskin. It is densely woven and made from the wool of ancient Beni Ourain sheep. The design is often geometric or abstract. The Beni Ourain has a deep woven structure and is the perfect choice for a room with high ceilings. The color is a perfect match for a modern interior.

Beni Ourain rugs are handmade and hand-tied by Moroccan artisans. They have a long history and are made of the softest wool on the planet. These rugs are a perfect blend of Moroccan culture and modern interior design, and are perfect for any room in your home or office. A genuine Beni Ourain rug will make your room feel warmer and more inviting. You will love its rich history and the fact that it is handcrafted.

The Beni Ourain rug is hand-woven from natural undyed wool. The thick strands of wool resemble bearskin. The thick strands of wool are a symbol of femininity. A Beni Ourain rug is a great accent piece for your living room or bedroom. If you have a colorful wallpaper and want to balance it out, a beni ourain rug will be a great choice.

A Beni Ourain rug can be an exquisite statement piece in your home or office. They can be very warm and inviting and can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your home. Authentic vintage Beni Ourain rugs are extremely rare and can be expensive, so consider investing in a good one. It will last you for many years. A beni ourain rug will last for a long time.