Moroccan Decor - Choosing Moroccan Rugs

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Moroccan Decor - Choosing Moroccan Rugs

A moroccan rug is a textile that has been made in the Mediterranean region of Morocco. A moroccan rug is a textile that is made in the style of traditional moroccan weaving, which dates back to the early days of Moroccan civilization. These rugs have beautiful designs, patterns, and colors. The rugs feature unique weaving techniques that make them among the most beautiful handmade textsiles ever created.

An advantage of owning a moroccan rug is that the pile is generally higher quality wool that is used to make the rug. High quality wool is valued highly in the region of Morocco, and is used to make the finest moroccan rugs. Higher quality wool fibers result in rags with more color and a finer texture. The higher quality wool fibers also result in rags that last longer.

There are many types of moroccan rugs that include: Atlas, Beni ourain , Boujaad , Beni mguild. The Atlas rugs feature detailed, semi-arboreal pictorial designs and patterns. These patterns are floral, animal, human, geometric, symmetrical, animal-like, human-like, animal-herding and tribal.

The Beni rugs or Beni ourain rugs are known as the black and white moroccan rugs. These are known to be the oldest rugs in the region and the earliest examples of weaving and carpet making techniques. They are made from wool obtained from sheep. The Berber carpets are characterized by their bold, vivid, and lively style of woven lines that include stylized floral designs and abstract geometric patterns. The Beni rug style is the most commonly used moroccan rug style in Morocco and its popularity is attributed to the cultural significance of these early rugs.

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The Beni rug became famous throughout North Africa and the rest of the World because of their strength, grace, and beauty. The Beni ourain rug, or the Berber moroccan rug was the forerunner of the modern day carpet, the moroccan rug. The Beni rug was woven in a twisted and knotted pattern, much like the early European carpet, but it is still popular amongst collectors today. The Beni rug was originally made from Wool sheep .

The Berber rugs were originally made from sheep wool or goat skin, but can be found in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. These rugs were woven in a twisted and looped manner similar to the Beni rug, but were not as popular and were usually reserved for high-end furniture. The wool was usually obtained from Desert sheep located in Morocco. The Berber rugs come in different colors, patterns, sizes, and weights.