Moroccan Rug Design and Style

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Moroccan Rug Design and Style

When one speaks of Moroccan rugs, the first that most people think of are the Moroccan Berber rugs. They are intricately woven from natural fibers, such as wool, silk and cotton. The rugs, when made with raw materials, are often considered one of the best in the world. These rugs can be seen all over the world, from prestigious exhibitions to small local boutiques. A very distinctive style of Moroccan rug, that is woven using varied wool threads, creating a texture similar to that of silk. These rugs have been used for centuries as decorative and functional elements in homes, as well as for flooring and wall coverings

An offshoot of these Moroccan Berber rugs is the Moroccan Cloth Moroccan Rugs, also made by the native people. These rugs use a weaving technique that some call 'raveling', instead of flat weaving. The unique look of these rugs makes them very attractive and they have even been adopted by contemporary designers. The rugs used by the indigenous people are usually dyed using natural dyes obtained from plant sources. These dyes are collected from trees that grow in the local regions and are then processed and dyed to produce the many colors that are used in the making of this type of Moroccan carpet.

The moroccan rug was first introduced to the world in the 12th century as a decorative item. The fabric was initially created for outdoor use to make horse saddles. In the later years the style of weaving became more suited to indoor use and it became a popular choice for wall coverings and for floor coverings. The colors were primarily dark shades of red and brown, with white and black as accent colors. However, with the rise of the fashion haute couture movement in the 20th century, the rugs went through a transformation to become modern and trendy, while retaining their tribal and botanical background.

moroccan azilal rug

The vintage moroccan rugs are a great investment because they are unique in their appearance and in the way they are made. They are unique because the techniques used are based on traditional customs and they preserve the character and traditions of the Moroccan people. Unlike other types of handmade rugs, the vintage moroccan rugs feature textiles that are woven on horizontal looms, rather than on vertical looms like other kinds of handmade rugs. This is because these kinds of moroccan rugs require the use of fewer looms to make them because it takes less fabric to produce a similar level of textile design.

A unique characteristic of this type of rug is that they are unique because they are crafted by one-of-a-kind artists. The process of creating a one-of-a-kind rug usually begins with the artist sketching the image that will comprise the moroccan rugs in the final piece. When this is done, the designer and the artisans then work together to create the detailed pattern of the rug using numerous fabrics and pile sizes before bringing the drawing to the next level of production.

These rugs are designed with motifs and symbols that are often rich and complex. Many of the rugs feature animals and birds, human features and symbols such as swords and crowns that are all created through intricate weaves of fabric. Other symbols are more direct and include basic geometrical shapes and elements such as circles, squares and rectangles. A unique characteristic of the Moroccan rugs is the use of natural materials that include wool, silk and cotton for the construction of these rugs. Berber is the most common material used to craft these rugs.

Berber is a fabric made from the wool of sheep. It is considered to be very durable, soft to the touch and long-lasting.