Moroccan Rugs - A Unique Fabric

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Moroccan Rugs - A Unique Fabric

A Moroccan rug is one of the most exquisite rugs in the world. It is truly an art work that combines the finest fibers of natural fibers and expert craftsmanship. These rugs were woven thousands of years ago by the Moroccans. Moroccan rugs were hand woven from thin, dark fibers of animal skins and wool obtained from sheep. They could be dyed and their patterns could be complex.

In the early days, moroccan rug weaving became a valuable trade in Morocco as traders from all over Europe came to make silk and wool fabrics. This was the period when rugs not only served the purpose of floor covering but also of decorating palaces, religious buildings and homes. The first moroccan rugs were made of fibers and wool , which gave them the characteristic smooth feel. Later, traders developed more synthetic fibers that gave softer, smoother and better-looking rugs. Today, these rugs can be considered some of the finest floor coverings available in the market.

The most prominent feature of any moroccan rug is the use of abstract patterns in the weaving. They can have simple motifs or they can have complicated geometric patterns, like circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, trapezoids, octagons and hexagons, along with fine scale lines. You will also find azilal, which are patterns of thin stripes and dots alternating with a central pattern. Most of the patterns that can be found on the rugs of Morocco are based on animals, plants and abstract geometrical patterns.

Traditionally, moroccan wool rugs were made using two complementary fabrics - an ewe or camel hair fabric and a weft, or cotton fabric. However, due to the developments in textile technology, there are many styles of moroccan rug making that involve using several fabrics for weaving. These styles include shawls, checkered mats, embroidery, flat weaves and needlepoint. These materials are combined and produced in different designs and styles according to the taste and preferences of the customers. The most popular styles include Berber, Talaa , Boujaad , Boho , Beni ourain

One of the most commonly found materials used in moroccan rugs is called Berber. This is a type of unbleached cotton that is commonly found in the upper regions of Morocco and the surrounding area. It is said that these kinds of rugs were originated from the Berbers of North Africa because of their natural brown color. Over time, the color of these Berber carpets was improved through the addition of valuable materials such as wool, silk and jute. Today, these types of moroccan rugs have a wide variety of styles, designs and colors that can suit the needs and style of any home.

If we look at the history of these Berber rugs, it is believed that the origin of the Moroccan rug dates back during the seventh and eight century. During this time, the Berber tribespeople were conquered by the Arabs and later converted into Islam. Although they maintained their distinct way of weaving, their textile products gradually changed and became more advanced. During this period, the moroccan rug gained prominence among the converts and remained a part of their traditional community fabric. It is also believed that these rugs were first used as coverings for floors in the desert areas where temperatures were extreme.

The moroccan rug has evolved and today it is considered one of the most expensive and elegant rugs worldwide. The rugs can be classified depending on the materials that were used to make them. Some of the commonly used materials include wool, jute, sisal, silk, cotton and ramie. These rugs are usually sold in high qualities that can only be seen in areas where these items are available. For example, if you visit the desert areas of Morocco, you will see an abundance of these rugs that are used as bed covers or floor coverings.

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Today, many people choose to decorate their homes with beautiful rugs to provide protection from the scorching heat of the desert sun as well as to enhance the beauty of the interior decor. They are also used to cover floors, furniture and other surfaces. Although the moroccan rug is now considered an antique, it can still fetch a high price when it comes to auctions or when people decide to sell them. Due to its beauty, authenticity and uniqueness, these carpets are popular to decorate houses, offices, hotels and even atlas mountains.