The Moroccan Rug - A Must-Have For Your Home

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The Moroccan Rug - A Must-Have For Your Home

The origins of the Berber rug can be traced to Morocco, where the traditional hand-woven rugs are used to protect the body and to tell stories. Originally, the Berbers used natural wool fibers dyed with vegetable or fruit colors, and they were also useful in the home. The colors used in the traditional rugs are often very vibrant, and the shapes and patterns are reminiscent of tribal design. Although the original purpose of the frog is unknown, it is believed to represent fertility and life.

The motifs used in the Moroccan rugs are usually depicted as symbols of fertility and procreation. The designs are a blend of Islamic and indigenous motifs. Some rugs are even based on parietal art, with each motif representing a specific phase of womanhood. The symbols are said to protect the home from evil spirits.

The Beni Mguild rugs are woven in deep colors. These rugs are typically made from scraps of clothing and other fabrics and are flipped according to seasons. However, their appearance is more delicate and expensive. The Patterned Cut and Loop design is considered the most elegant of the two. But the difference in the two styles is minimal. The former has more detail, while the latter is more subtle. Its beauty is reflected in its price.

A vintage Berber rug may have some imperfections, but it will be a great addition to your home. These rugs are made with flat, high-twist, and textile mixes. These rugs were originally intended to be used in the home and are not meant to be displayed as a decorative item. Because of their age and usage, they have a higher value than new ones. A good Berber is a piece of art that adds charm and character to any space.

The Berber rug is an incredibly versatile and beautiful type of carpet. The thicker piles are made in the colder Atlas Mountains, while the lighter flat weave rugs are made for the drier Sahara Desert. While these rugs are generally considered to be one-of-a-kind, the uniqueness of their style makes them a truly unique addition to any home. And if you are looking for an authentic Berber rug, you can be sure that you will never regret your purchase!

A Berber rug can be made of various fibers. The most common fibers used in a Berber carpet are Nylon and Wool. Both of these fibers are durable and can last for five to twenty years. Depending on the type of yarn used, a woven Berber can last up to fifteen years. It is important to note that a handmade BERBER rug will vary in color and design, but the material will be unique.

The Berber rug has a long history of meaning. It has been used for centuries for both practical and decorative purposes. From Beni Ourain to Boucherouite, these rugs are used for decoration. Many deco magazines feature the Berber rug as an ideal option for upscale homes. The traditional Berber rugs can be made in a variety of styles, and there are many varieties of these carpets. A BERBER rug is often the best choice for a Moroccan home.

The traditional Berber rug is made of natural wool. This type of rug is a unique type of tribal rug that is handmade in Morocco. It is a durable and affordable choice for a stylish area rug. A woven Berber carpet can last for several years. The prices of these rugs vary according to size and style. A medium size Moroccan rag rug can be as high as $400, but a vintage version will likely cost you even more.

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The traditional Berber rug is a beautiful and useful floor covering. Its geometric designs are beautiful and can make any room look more exotic. A BERBER rug can be found in any region in North Africa, and it can be used as a bed cover. They are also a great choice for bedrooms, and are often more expensive than their modern counterparts. A BERBER rug can add a certain level of luxury to a room.