Unique Tribal Rugs Make For Unique Interior Designs

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Unique Tribal Rugs Make For Unique Interior Designs

The many different styles of true Moroccan rugs come from the warm, stable climate of the country. This creates an abundance of natural colors that are pulled from the earth and into your home with little effort. This also gives each piece a unique story, purpose, and artistic flare. Exploring every aspect of these rugs gives a deeper appreciation of what makes this ancient rug-making craft so special and why they can be used for so much more than to simply cover the floors.

The first style most people think about when considering moroccan rugs is the Berber style . Berber rugs are made by womenfolk of Morocco. They are woven on horizontal looms and have a very smooth, even feel. The color options are unlimited, although there is a limited amount of variety within the color family.

The Azilal is much more expansive in terms of color and pattern selection. Because the fibers are thicker and have been spun on horizontal looms, there are more color possibilities available to choose from. There are greens, blues, purples, and golds to name a few colors. These moroccan rugs typically have designs that are made into stripes as well as other geometric patterns and shapes. They are also commonly high atlas mountains.

The third type of moroccan rug is the kilim rug . These are also known as nomadic rugs. These rugs feature geometric patterns which have been observed in their construction. They are usually made by women and are commonly found in desert regions. The geometric designs include stripes, circles, and squares. The rugs typically depict desert scenes and animal ancestors.

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The Beni Ourain tribe is one of two main tribes that produce the Berber rugs. These rugs have a very distinctive and characteristic look which is actually due to their wool. The wool that is used to make these rugs is acquired directly from sheep that are located in the Atlas Mountains. The fibers are then processed in order to form this fine quality moroccan rug. The wool is collected right after the sheep are sheared.

The fourth type of moroccan rugs is the vintage moroccan carpets. These rugs are very attractive and they can be quite expensive depending on the age and the quality of the fiber. This vintage moroccan carpet is one of the most sought after floor covering in the world. You will definitely be surprised by the price tag attached to this type of rug. The price is usually a little bit above $1000.

The fifth type is the natural wool Moroccan carpets. These are the lowest priced rug but you will discover that they are also high quality. Natural wool is obtained from sheep that are raised on farms that follow strict eco-friendly methods. The animals are fed well, they stay clean and they stay fertile.

A Moroccan rug can be made from different Berber tribes including the Beni Ourain tribe and the Azilal tribes. These moroccan rugs include knotted, woven and plain. Knotted rugs use knotting methods while plain rugs use weaving styles that are more natural. If you would like to decorate your home or get one for your room, you might want to consider a Moroccan rug. The variety that is available can fit into any room because of their different colors, textures, patterns and designs.

A typical rug is made from natural fibers obtained from wool. This makes it one-of-a-kind because each rug is unique. When you make one-of-a-kind Moroccan rugs, you have the advantage of choosing the right weaving style, the right color and the right pattern.

The texture and the pile of moroccan rugs made in Morocco differ. The pile of the rug is what provides character to it. There are two types of pile in moroccan rugs: loose and dense. The loose pile is what is commonly found in Moroccan furniture. The dense pile is used in fine rugs that accentuate the beauty of the room.

It is important to take a look at the variations between the two pile of moroccan rugs when you are shopping for one-of-a-kind pieces. If there is not much difference between the two, then the piece may be purchased as a whole unit or it may be purchased based on its individual qualities. With the right accessories, you will be able to create matching interior designs with the use of tribal rugs made in Morocco.