What are Moroccan rugs made from?

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What are Moroccan rugs made from?

Until the 20th century these beautiful Moroccan rugs were known within the country itself only. These rugs were made for personal use with no or little outside influence. Many of Moroccan Arab and Berber tribes were rooted deeply in their own unique traditions and culture. While, their rugs reflected the ancestral influence strongly. These were widely different from region and tribe with each family or tribe having their own weaves, knots, loops, dyes, as well as pattern. 

However, the thing which was pretty common among these Berber rugs was the material that was being used to make them. 

What are Moroccan Berber rugs made from?

Handmade Moroccan rugs are particularly high in demand. Because at the present time most of the people are striving to use these soft and luxurious Moroccan rugs in their home interior and even offices. It is mainly because these look pretty gorgeous. But at the same time no other rug can beat the comfort level that you can experience with Moroccan rugs. 

  • Sheep’s wool 

Initially, Moroccan rugs were being made by sheep wools only.

  • The people of Moroccan tribes were using sheared wool to make beautiful and comfortable Moroccan rugs. Due to which the Moroccan rugs used to feel super comfortable under your feet, which is going to give you an amazing feel, consequently. 
  • Sheep’s wool is meant to make these beautiful handmade Moroccan rugs extremely cozy and warm. Overall, sheep wool is the original choice for making which was available in neutral and binge tones only, initially. 

However, at the present time, an amazing variety of colors is available in this. While, not to mention but the Moroccan rugs that are made from hand loomed wool are softer, warmer, plushier, but pricier as well. 

  • Other materials 

Even the Moroccan rugs of present time are being made with the same ancient tradition. However, now the materials that are being used in making of Moroccan rugs are varying slightly. It is because a wide variety of materials are being used to make Moroccan rugs including nylon, wool, as well as olefin fibers.

Even more, the rugs that are being made of a combination of recycled materials, or mixed textiles are more affordable as compared to the ones that are made of pure wool. 

Overall, natural dyes are being used to create a more vibrant color range in these Moroccan rugs. 

Moroccan rugs are unique and authentic 

Well, whatever material has been used in the creation of a Moroccan rug, handmade Moroccan rugs are always unique and authentic. These rugs are made for people who love and appreciate the ancient yet traditional artwork. 

These stunning pieces are still being made with unique patterns. Due to which you can find an amazing range of beautiful Moroccan rugs that are available in stunning designs, textures and amazingly classic patterns as well. 

All of these unique patterns represent the traditional heritage of Morocco that is tangible and meant to add beauty with pleasant, charming and classic touch to your floors, rooms, corridors, or any other space in your home that you want to make welcoming and warm.