What are the different types of Moroccan rugs?

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What are the different types of Moroccan rugs?

Moroccan rugs are regarded for his or her aesthetic and visually vibrant looks. These are made by means of humans of various Berber tribes. At first, those rugs were made with the aid of tribe women for their personal houses. But, with the passage of time, those rugs grow to be popular everywhere in the world and people start to use them as an indoors decorative accessory.

Due to exceptional cultures within the Berber tribes, the weavers convey precise influences on those rugs with the aid of using unique layout styles and colorings. That is why it's far almost impossible for two sorts of Moroccan rugs to appearance alike.

Types of Moroccan rugs:

Moroccan rugs are to be had in various sorts and designs in keeping with the tribes those are made in. Below, we have labored out the vast list of maximum typically used Moroccan rugs.

  • Azilal rug

Azilal rugs are available endure bold and vivid colors and uneven designs and are made from natural wool fiber. Azilal rugs are unmarried knotted and skinny piled Moroccan rugs based totally at the themes of beginning, marriage, and farming. The beginning of this kind of rug is the excessive Atlas Mountains.Moroccan azilal rugs


  • Boujad rug

Boujad Moroccan rugs are recognised for their vibrant contact. These are piled rugs with geometric patterns and usually are available colorings like orange, purple, purple, and crimson. A little much less quantity of wool is used in their weaving. This is because of their tight knots. The origin of those rugs is the significant plains of the Haouz place. These are very delicate rugs so they'll require a little greater care.Boujaad rug


  • Beni Mguild.

These are vertical knot Moroccan rugs. The unique thing about those rugs is that those are thick piled and lusher than another sort of Moroccan rugs. Usually, the subject matter of Beni Mguild rugs is colorings of purple, crimson, and brown colors. Another pleasant factor about these rugs is that those can be used both in summers and winters.

Beni Mguild


  • Kilim rug

Due to their light, the kilim Moroccan rug is the most famous sort of Moroccan rugs available within the market. What makes them awesome from different sorts of rugs is their abstract geometric patterns. The most not unusual design is diamond-like asymmetrical patterns. You can use them to dangle on the partitions to feature a classy appearance.Moroccan kilim rug


  • Boucherouite rug

Boucherouite Moroccan rugs are vibrant and bright colors rugs, commonly come with asymmetrical patterns. These are the best for the houses which have children living in it. These are unique and well-known rugs because of their material. Scraps of the fiber are used for the weaving of these rugs. These were, basically woven by the people who could not afford the use of wool.

Boucherouite rug


  • Hybrid rugs.

There are rugs available in the market which are made by the mixtures of various designs used in the weaving of different Moroccan rugs. You will find so much diversity of designs, overlapping of symbols and patterns in these hybrid rugs.

Hybrid rug



Adding a Moroccan rug in your home interior can provide a very classy look for your room. If you are deliberating shopping for a Berber rug on your room, this text can act as an final manual in an effort to pick out one which can high-quality healthy the layout of your room.