What is Moroccan Rug Making?

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What is Moroccan Rug Making?

Moroccan rugs are unique textiles, woven carpets, and weavings that were traditionally hand woven in Morocco. These rugs were used for everything from flooring to carpeting and interior decor. Traditional Moroccan rugs were woven by the native peoples of Morocco since the early Paleolithic Era. By the nineteenth century, there were many different styles of rugs made in Morocco and a few had progressed to become quite popular. This is when the use of textile looms became more widespread in the country.

The weave of the traditional moroccan rug is categorized as both natural wool and synthetic wool. A natural wool moroccan berber rug is created by weaving strands of animal hair, plant fibers, and other natural fibers together to create the backing. There is no machine involvement during the moroccan rug weaving process. The natural wool is derived from either sheep or goat hairs. The synthetic fibers are obtained from cotton, wool, or synthetic materials such as polyester.

The quality of the fabric and the construction of the rugs must-have qualities. The texture of these textiles must-haves is a great factor to consider when choosing a new piece for your home. The texture of the textiles determines the softness and feel of the floor covering. There are four basic texture types when it comes to Moroccan rugs. These are coarse, medium, fine, and plush.

The colors are usually classified according to the country where the moroccan tribe originated from. The colors can range from dark shades of red and black to bright yellow and green hues. The hues are also classified according to the symbols that represented the culture of the people from this region. For example, the rugs may have different symbols from one tribe to another.

The construction of the rugs is another important aspect of the beauty of the Moroccan rugs. Moroccan rugs that are made by hand are known to be very durable. They can last for many generations. The density of the pile of the rugs is an important factor when choosing a room area rug. The higher the pile, the more durable it is.

Moroccan rug

If you want to have an exceptional looking floor covering in your home, choose Handmade moroccan rugs. You will get these unique and attractive pieces at reasonable prices from online stores. Browse through the internet and take time to see different styles of handmade rugs from various morocco area rug sellers. Choose the one that really represents your taste and style. Now that you know how they are made, you will definitely be satisfied with your choice.