What To Look For When Purchasing A Moroccan Rug

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What To Look For When Purchasing A Moroccan Rug

A well made moroccan rug can add a lot to your interior decor. Rugs made in this country have a unique look and an even deeper history. They have played a role in traditional Moroccan society for thousands of years.

Morocco is known to be the producer of some of the world's best wool. Moroccan rugs are known to be the oldest weavers, weaving carpets long before the dawn of civilization. Native peoples of Morocco have woven exotic rugs for utility as well as for aesthetic purposes since the early Paleolithic Era. Historically, many tribal moroccan rug makers have woven boucherous for utility as well as for decoration.

One of the most unique features of moroccan rugs is their construction. The yarns, usually braided on old arches or loops, are twisted, interlaced and knotted. These weavers use either free-range sheep or lambskin which is considered by the moroccan dwellers to be the finest wool available today. They also take advantage of the natural interlacing of threads that can be found in the animal's hair. When the threads are woven, they are knotted, interlaced and braided into tight coils, much like a rope.

Many times, these moroccan rugs are woven from a single animal, such as sheep. However, other examples exist, including cattle, elk, goat and mules . The fibers from these animals vary by quality, thickness and age. One type of moroccan rug is called Beni Ourain tribe. The texture is coarse and the pile is usually thick and fairly stiff.

beni ourain rug
The Moroccan people often trade raw hides and leather for this purpose. Because of this, the moroccan rug is also known as the "Leather mat." These rugs make excellent floor coverings and because of their distinctive, rich appearance, they're perfect for decorating homes, businesses and hotels. A moroccan rug can easily transform any room, regardless of the style or motif used.

Some types of this kind of moroccan rug are hand woven, others machine crafted. Each is based on a specific tribe or clan. Most tribal moroccan rugs, which are hand woven, are considered to be authentic. However, the same cannot be said for machine crafted ones which are often mass produced.

There are four famous basic styles of moroccan rugs - beni rugs , boucherouite , boujaad and azilal. If you'd like to incorporate a moroccan rug into your home decor, you should look for one that can go with any existing decor and match any color scheme you have. These rugs come in a wide array of natural colors including blue, hazel, gold and green. You can find them with classic colors like black, gray and white . You can even find some with bright and exotic hues. Whatever your choice may be, you're sure to find a rug that will bring warmth to your home.

A good moroccan berber rug should contain a pile that is double-weave and composed of high quality wool. The woven pile provides a luxurious drape to the floor covering and allows the fibers to drape more elegantly. A single-weave pile gives a softer effect and is commonly seen on shag rugs and carpeting. Some rugs also feature a combination double-woven pile which gives the rug a textured appearance and is ideal for applications requiring subtlety and body in its design. You'll also find a few rugs that utilize a single-woven pile and a wool pile that is cut into triangular pieces.

As mentioned above, moroccan tribesmen would traditionally wear their most important belongings around their neck. One of these most important items would be a moroccan rug. The style of the rug may vary but it should be thick and luxurious. This accessory would be placed on top of a shirt or underneath a belt. Most would also include small cushions for feet and head protection.

Some additional information about moroccan rugs can help you determine whether or not you are getting a true moroccan product. There are two major types of rugs handmade and machine-made. A handmade rug will include the traditional patterns and symbols while a machine-made rug will mimic these same designs. You may also find a number of hand-knotted designs, which are considered to be authentic moroccan designs. The value of an authentic handmade rug is significantly higher than a machine-made one-the reason why many people think the latter is a hoax.