Why Are Moroccan Rugs So Expensive?

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Why Are Moroccan Rugs So Expensive?

Arabic rugs are acknowledged around the world for their superiority amongst other rugs and materials. Amongst these rugs, Moroccan rugs are of extreme importance. However, they are too expensive when compared to other rugs, and it leads to a lot of reluctance in customers. We shall explore the causes.

Moroccan area rug

Reasons Moroccan Rugs are Expensive:

Moroccan carpets have a lot of reasons (and dimensions) for being expensive. However, each of them is closely linked to the other. The reasons are as follows:


  • They are made of high-quality Materials

Creators of Moroccan rugs never compromise on quality. These rugs are made from the finest of raw materials, that are collected from the farthest of mountains and the depths of forests, to make a material that would look elegant, and will last as long as one can imagine.

These materials are not readily available, yet most Berber rugs are made up of them. This shows the dedication of the manufacturers.

  • Rug Making goes through lots of processes

If it were a few people involved in the entire rug-making process, it would have been quite understandable. But in this case, the rug goes through a lot of processing stages, which includes collecting materials, processing them, weaving, finishing, marketing, and selling. Each of these stages demands its own commission, and each commission increases the overall price significantly. Not many other rugs go through this level of processing.

  • These rugs are in high demand

It should be noted that these rugs are in quite high-demand to production ratio.
• It could be because its production is really difficult, so it is manufactured less, or maybe too many people want to buy it.
• Nevertheless, it is the phenomena of economics that increased demands lead to an increase in prices, and that is exactly what is happening in this case too.

Not many customers demand other types, so their prices are less comparatively.
The style is unparalleled in the Market
Truly, the beauty of Moroccan rugs is unparalleled in the market, especially the ones with tassels. These rugs generally have a simple design, but the colors used are elegant and empowering. Moreover, there are weaved and proportioned so perfectly, that anyone will find it hard to resist it. If you step on this carpet, its softness will give you comfort you may not experience elsewhere.

  • They are made by hands, with utmost care

Manufacturing by machines generally costs less, because more work is done at a lesser cost.
  • However, since Moroccan rugs are manufactured by hand, they get a little bit more expensive.
  • For those who are disappointed, they should note that hand knitting increases the perfection and beauty of the product because it is a human’s heart and soul that has been behind the production of the rug.

Moroccan beni ourain rug

- Final Thoughts

If you seek the market for Moroccan rugs, you should buy them knowing the heart and effort that has been put into their production. You will definitely love having them decorate your home beautifully.