Azilal rugs

The Azila rug Hand-knotted by women in tribal atlas, the rugs have a creamy wool background, with decorative Berber symbols, abstract or geometric patterns in bright and multiple colors, unlike Beni Ourain rugs which often contain only white and black color.

Azilal rug comes from berber tribes, a region of Morocco. The traditional carpets made by Berber people in this region are truly the most unique and stand out compared to other pieces made in the oriental market. Special attention is given to each fiber, down to the finest finishing touches, to get a truly silky soft wool and to make sure that each piece is as durable as possible. Many people have come to love the beauty and charm of these rugs and many still do, simply because they know how special they are.

Many people are also starting to love Azilal rugs because they understand their importance as rugs for the home. As with any other type of rugs, these come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some are square and others have round edges while others still are rectangle. However, the one thing they all share is the fact that the rugs are hand woven by highly skilled moroccan artisans and that each individual piece is unique.

Each and every piece in the collection of Azilal rugs is made completely by hand and no two are the same. This is a great thing for consumers because it means that the rugs have a unique look and feel and can thus vary greatly in price. Of course, this also means that you can buy a high-end Azilal rug for less than you would pay for another cheaper brand. Either way, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a top quality product.