Custom Moroccan rug

Custom-sized rug pads are just what your home needs if you want to create a unique visual focal point that ties together all of the interior design features within your home. Generally, Moroccan rugs (including the famed Beni Ourain rug) are characterized by repeating, abstract, non-repeating patterns of color and tribal elements. This creates a very unique, eye-pleasing custom rug that combines well with all of the interior design elements of your home. For example, Moroccan rugs used in the Berber tribes, along the beaches, or by the water in pools all share a similar, peaceful, meditative quality that makes for a great addition to the interior of any home.

Customization of this kind is also quite popular in the fine arts industry as well as in museums. Some designers go so far as to protect their original samples from damage or destruction during shipping by having them covered with fabricators' protective padding or cases. This allows the weavers to reuse the rug in as many settings as possible while still maintaining its distinctive characteristics. In the art world, for instance, a weaver might take several prints of a specific subject (such as a famous painting) and create a single large print out of it, which would be hung in a public gallery. Similarly, the Moroccan rug can be protected and kept in storage for much the same reason.

These types of rugs are also very practical for use in the construction of floor coverings because they can easily be cut to the right dimensions and placed where they are needed. For example, the vintage Moroccan rugs used in the construction of flooring are ideal for use in flooring, wall coverings, and countertops because they can easily be adapted to fit into the floor space available. They are often used in areas where other types of carpeting are not feasible, such as hallways and bathroom floors. In addition, these rugs are very long-lasting, which makes them a good choice for use as heirlooms or collections. Their price, which can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depends mostly on the quality and rarity of the particular sample. Their durability and high quality allow these rugs to be passed down through generations without wearing down..