Beni ourain rug

Tuareg Mats

- Moroccan Hassira Tuareg Mats from the  Tuareg tribes of Mauritania, decorated with stitched straw and camel embroidered leather...

Tuareg Rugs have been gaining in popularity as an interior design trend, mostly for their versatility, variety, and relative authenticity. Tuareg mats are made from fine leather and reed, woven by the native Tuareg population of North-West Africa. With simple and artistic woven symbols to recognize, no two sets of Tuareg mats are ever exactly the same. The style of a tuareg mat is almost always consistent, but may vary according to the time period, region, and people who made the rug. A good example of this is that many modern sets of tuareg mats come with intricate carvings on them; although, other motifs have remained intact, as no set of ancient Tuareg mats has ever been found with carvings.

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