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1. Rug: Entryway long: 150 x 440 cm
- low pile, a bit thicker
- abstract pattern, mostly placed in disorder, not side by side in a row
-Colors and overall look: see picture
- Base color: deep red and burgundy, (slight variation in the base color)
- Other colors: brown, different shadesof pink, a hint of orange, see dee picture for reference)
- Fringes on one side
- 1-3 big diamond patterns like the one in the picture, if only one then placed more towards to the side of the fringes.
- In the picture the large diamond pattern has a very ornamental edge, I prefer to have the edge a bit more simple




2. Entryway small: 140 x 175 cm
- low pile, a bit thicker
- will be next to to the long entryway rug so the colors should go together. Same color palet with a dark base as in the larger entryway rug.
- Can also have some black as accent color.
- fringes on one side
- Patterns as in the picture , 4-6 ornaments and two side by side like in the picture.




3. Living room 210 x 370 cm
- High pile
- Base color: natural white
- Other main colors: Black and deep red/ burgundy / brown red. Can an also have other shades of red (will be near the entryway rugs so good if it has some similar red colors)
- Little pop of: mustard / gold yellow on one end mixed with black ( no orange)
- Colors gragually change to a different shade an color.
- Fringes on one side

The 3 custom rugs, 50% balance now is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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