Moroccan rug 7.1 X 9.9 Feet

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This handmade Moroccan rug measures 7.1 feet by 9.9 feet. Crafted with traditional techniques, this authentic rug features an exquisite design perfect for any setting. Enjoy its luxurious feel and elegant design in your home.

218 CM X 304 CM = 7.1 FT X 9.9 FT


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This is a handmade Moroccan rug that showcases exquisite artistry and timeless elegance. It is more than just a floor covering but represents the culture, craftsmanship and design of Morocco. The rug is created using traditional techniques passed down through generations, showing the expertise and passion of the artisans who made it. The design of the rug is a symphony of esthetics resulting from careful consideration and artistic vision. Each motif carries the cultural heritage that inspired it. By walking on the rug, one connects with the artisans' dedication and rich cultural tapestry. The rug's luxurious feel embodies the quality materials and craftsmanship. Incorporating the rug into one's home embraces culture and honors traditional craftsmanship. The rug represents artistry, acknowledges cultural heritage and celebrates the role of design in our lives. It connects one to history, showcases creativity and represents the beauty that emerges when skill and culture come together.

Life is too short to live without the Moroccan rug 7.1 X 9.9 Feet. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 04, 2023